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Noonan Law is a full service law firm that represents our clients across a wide spectrum of issues throughout Broome, Tioga, Chenango and Chemung Counties.

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Noonan Law has a proven track record of success in obtaining desirable outcomes for individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Southern Tier. Having a team that is familiar with the specifics of your case, coupled with our expertise and knowledge of the law, gives us the perfect formula for obtaining the best possible results.

For informed advice and additional insight about your legal options, please contact us today. Privacy is your right and our duty.

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Areas of Practice

Our experience, compassion, and skilled advocacy empower our clients to make informed and thoughtful decisions in their time of need. We have helped countless Southern Tier individuals and businesses find solace in all manner of thorny legal issues.


Whether you are contemplating a divorce or separation, or if the dissolution of the marriage has already started, we will skillfully and compassionately handle the myriad issues that must be addressed.

Family Law

At Noonan Law, we fight for our family law clients as though we were fighting for our own families – with passion, tenacity, and uncompromising commitment to the best possible outcome.

Criminal / Traffic

Whether faced with violation, misdemeanor or felony charges, Noonan Law can investigate every element of your case to ensure that your rights were never infringed upon during the arrest or investigation.

Real Estate

Buying a house? Selling a house? Apprehensive about making one of the largest purchases of your life? Unsure where to start? We can help. At Noonan Law, we are experienced to handle all of your real estate needs at a reasonable price.

Estates / Wills

Whether you want to protect your assets for future generations, need assistance with probating or administering an estate, or have an issue in court over provisions in a will or trust, your next move is to call Noonan Law.

Personal Injury

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence or misconduct, the personal injury lawyers at Noonan Law are here to help.

What Our Clients Say

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them


Mr. Brett Noonan represented me with my divorce proceedings. He is by far the most honest, compassionate, professional and knowledgable attorney I have ever dealt with throughout the area. He genuinely cared about my point of view, and sought to achieve the best outcome without overly charging like other lawyers. Brett is a young attorney with exceptional qualities which other attorneys do not posses. He is always accessible to talk at any time, and replied to my inquiries in a timely manner. Brett is a lawyer with dignity and integrity, and will fight to achieve the best result for your case.

Heather Adams

My experience with Mr. Noonan has been Nothing but Compassionate and Professional. His Staff and himself has been very helpful and knowledgeable during my Family Court experience. I highly recommend Noonan Law.

Nicole Knapp

Brett came highly recommended to me when I was looking for representation for my divorce. He listened to my concerns and took care of everything for me. I would definitely recommend using Noonan Law Firm.

Mary Birmingham

Brett is very much respected in the Justice System which is very important when dealing with Judges and DA’s. He represented my son during a very difficult time for our family. Brett was a straight shooter with what to expect in court with the DA and Judge.. He was also very confident with his defense. He is very connected to his clients and truly cares about the outcomes that will affect peoples lives. I would HIGHLY recommend Attny Noonan if you want someone who is experienced navigating through the system and fights for the best possible outcome of your case. A plus is……. he is just a good human

Devon Luscombe

Without getting into the details of my situation, I’d like to say that Brett did a great job. He was patient in making sure that I understood what was going on and what was at stake. I very much appreciate how he handled my case. Thanks Brett!

Noonan Law - Your Local Full Service Law Firm

What Can a General Practice Attorney Do? A general practice attorney is the kind of attorney who takes on all different types of cases. This attorney believes in fighting for your rights, helping you seek justice, and working with you to help you avoid legal issues that you may be going through. When you need to hire a lawyer to assist you with certain things, it’s the general practice attorney who could come in handy at some point. Taking on Criminal Cases A general practice attorney can take on various criminal cases. If you’re accused of a crime, it’s not a good time to wait around for legal representation. You need to hire an attorney you can trust to provide the best legal services to you as quickly as possible. Hiring the right person could make a world of difference for you and the case you’re going through. The attorney could go over the case with you, find out what you’re being accused of, and work hard to help you get out of the legal trouble you’re in right now. It’s important to have someone you can trust on your side, especially if you’ve been accused of some serious crimes. Providing Help With Family Law Aside from taking on criminal cases, the general practice attorney can provide help with family law cases. If you’re seeking custody of your children, trying to get child support from a former partner, or even thinking about getting a divorce because your marriage isn’t working out, you can consult with a general practice attorney about your personal situation. The attorney needs to know more about what you’re going through before he or she can start working on your case and providing as much legal assistance as you need. Working on Personal Injury Cases If you’re injured and you’d like to receive compensation because you can’t work at the moment and are losing out on money you need to have to survive, you may want to contact a general practice attorney. The attorney could provide plenty of assistance with your case, pulling up your medical records to prove you were seriously injured as result of someone’s negligence, whether it was a medical accident, dog bite, or even a car accident. If you’re injured and unable to work, you may be suffering tremendously and need some sort of compensation to get through. The attorney could help you file a lawsuit and gather the evidence needed to prove your case in court. A general practice attorney takes on such a wide variety of cases, which helps him or her gain a lot of experience on different types of legal issues people tend to go through. If you’re dealing with some sort of legal situation and you know you’re going to need to hire an attorney to help you with the case, you should get in touch with a general practice attorney to discuss your situation in detail. These types of attorneys are known for taking on family law cases, personal injury cases, criminal cases, and so much more for their clients.




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Noonan Law is a sophisticated law office in a small shop, addressing everything from legal crises such as DWI arrests and other criminal matters, to emotionally charged matrimonial and Family Court proceedings, to our clients’ day-to-day needs.

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