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Buying a house? Selling a house? Apprehensive about making one of the largest purchases of your life? Unsure where to start? Contact us. We can help. At Noonan Law, we are experienced to handle all of your real estate needs at a reasonable price.

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At Noonan Law, we handle a wide variety of real estate transactions including:

Noonan Law: The Only Real Estate Lawyer You Will Ever Need

If you're trying to either buy or sell a home, or even a commercial property, then contact Noonan Law to get professional legal assistance for very reasonable rates. For the majority of people, the purchase of a new home is likely to be the biggest single investment that they will make in their lifetime. Having a good real estate attorney who can guide you through this detailed and complex process will put your mind at ease, ensuring that you can make well-informed decisions throughout the purchase process. The same applies in terms of buying or selling any commercial properties too. In terms of buying and selling real estate, be it residential or commercial, everyone encounters a variety of legal issues, whether they're a buyer, a seller, or an investor. This is in large part because of the myriad different rules, regulations, and laws that govern property use, transfer, and ownership. In order to make sure that every one of our clients gets only the most relevant legal assistance and advice, Noonan Law specializes in the handling of a number of different real estate matters, which include the following:

Drafting And Negotiating Contracts And Leases

In terms of leases and contracts in real estate, it's crucial to know that no single format fits all sizes. If you want to avoid getting embroiled in numerous or costly legal battles once you sign any residential or commercial real estate lease or contract, then it's best to be serious about the initial drafting process. Our legal minds are highly qualified to give you assistance, and we are able to help you both draft and negotiate for a contract which fits your needs, based on your own terms.

Disputes About Code Enforcement

In the realm of real estate, a code is usually defined as any law or ordinance which a specific city or town has in terms to the upkeep and maintenance of property. The primary objective of such codes is making sure that a community stays safe, desirable, and well-maintained all of the time. A property owner that is thought not be to keeping their property maintained to the legal standards might get issued a code violation. If the property owner disagrees with that claim, then a code enforcement dispute might arise. Even though most code enforcement violations aren't subject to any criminal penalties, they could carry hefty fines with them. We're here to help you fight claims like these if you think that they got issued under questionable or unreasonable circumstances.

Residential Closings

In any real estate transaction, the most crucial step of the whole process usually turns out to be the closing. This is as true for the seller as it is the buyer. The deed and closing statement join a variety of many other closing papers which get prepared during this part of the larger transaction process. If you have a real estate attorney on your side who is qualified, then he or she can explain each document to you, while also ascertaining that every one of them has been executed properly so that the transaction goes through just as you would expect.

Land Use And Zoning

Any real estate development project can be pretty complicated in its own right, even before you start factoring in any involved legal issues. To make sure that you have every permit necessary, each step along the way, it's best to work alongside an experienced real estate attorney. Here at Noonan Law, land use and zoning matters are something that we specialize in; given that, we can help you get around relevant legal issues in terms of selling your home.

Commercial Properties

If the specific transaction in play relates to a piece of commercial property, then it's critical that you let a commercial real estate lawyer handle the job. Such transactions might involve various legal aspects which relate to business law, contract law, and property valuation on top of the basic rules, regulations, and laws of real estate. Pick Us Contact us at Noonan Law for your real estate legal needs in the counties of Chenango, Chemung, Tioga, and Broome. We're the only law firm you'll ever need for honesty, experience, and qualified professionals that can help you navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.