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Estate Planning Attorney


A Living Will is one of the primary ways that people take care of their estate. It is perhaps the simplest method for specifying what takes place after your demise as far as your assets and debts are concerned. The will needs to be filled out legally and it will be a document that ensures that your wishes are carried out during the time.


People use trusts to further care for their estates. A trust is a type of an arrangement that allows a trustee, who is a third-party, to handle the assets of the estate on behalf of the beneficiaries. They can be arranged in a number of different ways and could even help to control money, to protect the estate from creditors and to provide a degree of privacy in comparison to wills that will have to go through probate.


This is the legal process that takes place when an individual's estate is distributed after they have passed away. It will handle any debt that is owed to creditors and then distributes the additional money to the descendants according to the information that was specified in the last will and testament. An individual or individuals will be appointed for the administration of the estate. If a last will and testament does not exist, the court will supervise the probate process.


If you do not have a legal will in place and you die, it is considered to be Intestate. At that point, and executor will be appointed by the court and the assets will be compiled and liabilities will be paid. If beneficiaries are found, the assets will be distributed according to the wishes of the court. In order to avoid this problem from occurring, it is important to have a will in place in advance.


This is a legal term that is associated with the estate when an individual dies and does not have a last will and testament or another type of binding declaration in place. It may also be the case if there is a last will and testament but only part of the estate is covered under what is inside of the legal document. If that is the case, then any remaining parts of the estate will be considered Intestacy.

Died Without Will

When an individual dies without a will, the state will step in to determine what takes place as far as the assets and liability of the estate are concerned. An executor will be appointed by the court and if beneficiaries are found, the assets will be distributed according to law. If beneficiaries are not located, the state will make the determination as to what happens with the estate.

Probate a Will

Many people misunderstand the word probate but in actuality, it is just a legal term that means to validate or to prove something. The procedure that accomplishes probating a will is there to prove it and involves appointing an executor who will take care of the case. Everything associated with the estate of the individual, including the assets and any liabilities will be handled at that point.

Probating a Will

The process of probating a will is often misunderstood. When a will is in place and an individual dies, it must go through probate in order to have the assets illegally distributed among the descendants or others who are named in the will. Probate is simply a legal process that helps to validate and prove what is in the will to be accurate and legally binding. The executor will act on behalf of the deceased individual and on behalf of the state to ensure that everything is handled legally.

Power of Attorney

There may be times when you are not able to care for your own needs, such as if you are incapacitated because of health problems or even if you are not the area. A power of attorney can be established for that purpose to allow an individual or more than one individual to have a legal right to handle your affairs. The power of attorney can either be over healthcare, finances or a combination of both. The power of attorney does not continue to be active and legally binding after your death.

Health Care Proxy

One important factor to consider if you are looking at health problems is establishing a health care proxy. This is a document that states all of your wishes as far as healthcare is concerned. It also appoints somebody to be your healthcare advocate and to make any decisions on your behalf that are unable to be made by you if you can't do so directly. The person that is named in the health care proxy can make decisions but only according to your wishes. They will not be able to overstep your wishes on any healthcare items.

House Closing

When you purchase a home, all of the paperwork and legal forms need to be filled out to ensure that you actually own the home at that point. This is the closing process and it is one that many new homeowners do not fully understand. Not only are you given the keys during the house closing, you will also be signing the mortgage papers and paying any fees that are due at that time.

Business closing

There may be times when it is necessary to close a business and to dissolve everything that is associated with it. In some cases, this could mean dissolving a partnership and ensuring that everything is legally prepared and carried out properly. The business closing process can be quite extensive and it may be different for each and every case. It is important to handle it legally, however, so that additional problems do not occur.

Buying House/Real Estate

When you purchase a house or any type of real estate, there are going to be legal options that are necessary to ensure that it takes place properly. This could include the closing process, which can be handled by a lawyer. They will ensure that everything is carried out at this point so that you can legally take possession of the home or real estate.

Health Care Proxies